World Health Organization



The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations with a focus on international public health. The committee is comprised of the 193 member states of the United Nations and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. WHO’s initiatives include the World Health Survey and World Health Day. Since its establishment in 1948, WHO has played a large role in the eradication of smallpox, and its main current objectives include dealing with issues regarding communicable diseases, sexual and reproductive health, nutrition, aging, and substance abuse. Additionally, WHO strives to teach the importance of personal hygiene and healthy lifestyles to residents of developing countries in order to increase the standard of public health. WHO is also responsible for the World Health report, a leading publication on the state of global health.

WHO is a beginner committee, suitable for delegates of all skill levels. Position papers are highly encouraged, especially for anyone wishing to be considered for an award.

Any questions, concerns or position papers can be emailed to Position papers are due on Saturday, November 2 at 11:59 p.m. unless an extension is granted by the committee staff.

Topic: Addressing Antimicrobial Resistance

Committee Dais


Austin Ma | Director

Austin is currently a grade 10 student at St. George’s School and is beyond excited to serve as Director of the World Health Organization at BurnettMUN 2019. Ever since attending his first conference, he has become enthralled with the complex discourse that only Model United Nations can incubate. Now entering his 4th year of Model UN, it is easy to say that ever since grade 7, Austin has been hooked into the world of diplomacy, debate and global affairs. When he is not dressed in western business attire, Austin can be found swinging a badminton racket, forgetting his colons in Python, scrolling through Subtle Asian Traits, listening to music, and uncontrollably drinking Tim Hortons Iced Coffee. Austin is looking forward to meeting everyone and making BurnettMUN 2019 a memorable experience!


Andrew Liu | Chair

A sophomore student at University Hill Secondary, Andrew is thrilled to serve as Chair of the World Health Organization at BurnettMUN 2019. With a passion for public speaking, he began his Model United Nations journey in Grade 9. Since then, Andrew has attended various conferences and is always entranced by the intense debate and innovative ideas that Delegates produce. He especially enjoys seeing how MUN has helped Delegates to advance their public speaking skills as well as to grow and mature as people. When not holding a placard, Andrew can be seen participating in debate rounds, playing the piano, or contributing to local non-profit organizations. In his free time, he enjoys reading various works of fiction, playing video games with his friends, and going down Reddit rabbit-holes. He looks forward to witnessing and moderating the passionate debate that will undoubtedly happen at BurnettMUN 2019.


Kevin Tan | Chair

Kevin is a junior currently attending Steveston-London Secondary and is ecstatic in serving as the Chair for WHO at BurnettMUN 2019. Ever since attending his first committee session in 2018, Kevin has found the MUN experience to be exhilarating. From that point forward, Kevin had developed numerous meaningful connections with other individuals while expanding his own skills in public speaking. In his free time, you can find Kevin playing volleyball, spending time with friends, and making Tik Toks. Kevin is elated in providing an exceptional conference for his Delegates and looks forward to meeting everyone!