United Nations Security Council



The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is the supreme body of the United Nations as it relates to the undertaking of military or armed endeavours. The UNSC’s primary mandate is, according to the UN charter, to maintain international peace and security. It is a unique body within the UN in that it is the only committee allowed to issue condemnations, pass legally binding resolutions, and authorize the legal use of military force. As a result, the UNSC has the capacity to resolve urgent international conflicts that many other international organizations are simply unable to address.

The United Nations Security Council is made up of 15 member states. Among them, 10 non-permanent member states are elected for two-year terms by the United Nations General Assembly. The remaining 5 member states — the United States, the United Kingdom, France, China, and Russia — are permanent members, and each has the power to veto any UNSC resolution.

Position papers are highly encouraged for all Delegates in this committee, especially for anyone wishing to be considered for an award.

Any questions, concerns or position papers can be emailed to unsc@burnettmun.org. Position papers are due on Saturday, November 2 at 11:59 p.m. unless an extension is granted by the committee staff.

Topic: The Boko Haram Situation

Committee Dais


Jiro Luat | Director

Now a full fledged adult forced to cope with society while pursuing behavioural neuroscience, Jiro is ultimately rhapsodic to serve as Director for the United Nations Security Council. He attended his first conference to end the constant nagging of his school's captain, and has since been enthralled by international relations; the abundance of ambition radiating throughout the MUN community has inspired him to take on greater things. He hopes to one day work in conflict zones as a medic to treat ill civilians. Aside from MUN, Jiro fails to show up to his 8 am lectures, then complains about how poorly he's performing in that course. He is also very workaholic and generally a very boring person. He welcomes all delegates in BurnettMUN and looks forward to the fruitful debates to come!


Rica Lau | Chair

Rica Lau is currently a first-year student at the University of British Columbia, and she is privileged to be serving as Chair for the United Nations Security Council. Her journey in MUN was not a long one, but from the first conference she attended in the fall of her Grade 11 year, she was immediately drawn into the intense world of MUN. When she is not at conferences, she can be found lurking on the Facebook marketplace, catching her snooze on the 480 UBC Express bus, or pretending her readings do not exist by watching dog memes. Rica is beyond ecstatic to meet all the future Delegates of UNSC.

Mei Chen

Mei Chen Jin | Chair

Mei Chen Jin is a senior currently studying at North Surrey Secondary school who is ecstatic to serve as Chair of UNSC. Having joined the Model UN community recently, she immediately fell in love with the fast-paced debates and diplomacy. And now, she wants to spread her passion to other Delegates and be a part of that impactful experience. When not writing her position papers at the very last minute, she can be found binge eating at local sushi restaurants, taking an unhealthy number of naps, or adding new additions to her stupendous collection of sneakers. Mei Chen is more than thrilled to welcome all Delegates to a day of insightful discussion at BurnettMUN 2019!