United Nations Environment Programme



The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) serves as the main organ of the United Nations for setting the global environmental agenda, implementing environmental policies in developing countries, and advocating for environmental protection. UNEP’s mission is to inform nations of emerging environmental issues and encourage cooperation in preserving the environment. To focus of UNEP's work includes climate change, natural disaster aversion, ecosystem management, environmental governance, and waste management. The focus of the United Nations Environment Programme is to improve the global environment in both developing and developed countries while promoting sustainable economics. 

UNEP is a beginner committee, suitable for delegates of all skill levels. Position papers are highly encouraged, especially for anyone wishing to be considered for an award.

Any questions, concerns or position papers can be emailed to unep@burnettmun.org. Position papers are due on Saturday, November 2 at 11:59 p.m. unless an extension is granted by the committee staff.

Topic: Proliferation of Marine Pollution

Committee Dais


Shawn Chen | Director

Shawn is a senior at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary and is thrilled to serve as the Director of UNEP at BurnettMUN 2019. Having started his MUN career not long ago, Shawn has been captivated by the dynamic and fast-paced committee sessions and has found his passion for debate and public speaking. BurnettMUN 2019 will be one of Shawn’s last conferences, as this will be the best closing for his sleep-deprived high school life. When not struggling with writing position papers or doing MUN work, Shawn can be found working on his IB and SAT exams tirelessly, praising the holy existence of bubble tea, and practicing dragon boating so that he can finish his CAS. Shawn looks forward to organizing an amazing conference and is excited to witness the spicy debates at BurnettMUN 2019.


Cynthia Wang | Chair

Cynthia is currently a grade 11 student studying at North Surrey Secondary and is extremely honoured to serve as Chair of UNEP for BurnettMUN. Cynthia has been involved in Model United Nations for the last three years and has fallen in love with the community ever since. Besides her involvement in MUN, you can find Cynthia drawing in her notebooks, designing school magazines and solving business cases. Whether it be cybersecurity or human rights, MUN has provided Cynthia with life-altering experiences. She is thrilled to meet all the Delegates and hopes that BurnettMUN will be an unforgettable conference for everyone.



Alex Chen | Chair

Originally a sheepish, reserved individual, Alex dedicated his passions within debate and current events to shift his perspectives of real-world problems. Through a multitude of Model UN conference experiences, Alex slowly transformed these attitudes by mostly speaking with diplomatic tone and reverence, in drafting solutions with committed presence. Apart from Alex’s argumentative obsession with speaking, he enjoys hobbies which always keep him occupied, including playing the violin and piano, slamming boards with a basketball, and catching immense victories whilst gaming.