Joseph Chien | Secretary-General

A second-year political science student at the University of British Columbia and an alumnus of J.N. Burnett Secondary School, Joseph is honoured to serve as Secretary-General for BurnettMUN 2019. Formerly a somewhat reclusive tenth grader who wanted nothing to do with political affairs or public speaking, he has since extensively reaped the fruits of Model UN due to being handed the opportunity to try attending his first conference, and has pledged to ensure that youth have the same opportunities to grow through MUN as he did. Joseph welcomes all Delegates, new and experienced, to BurnettMUN 2019 and hopes that BurnettMUN will foster the same friendly and engaging learning environment that welcomed him to remain with Model United Nations. In his spare time, he can be seen performing various roles within the British Columbia Youth Parliament, endlessly watching informational YouTube videos, and trying to keep his plants alive.


Evian Yang | Chief of Staff

Evian is a senior attending Steveston-London Secondary School and is truly honoured to serve as the Chief of Staff for the second iteration of Burnett Model United Nations. To Evian, every single MUN conference she attended in the past two years - whether it took place in a hotel venue, a high school classroom, or wherever a MUN conference can be - has impacted her life in unimaginable ways. She is thankful for the cherishable memories she made with the talented individuals she met and is determined to make her third and last year of MUN the best one yet. When not participating in MUN or telling her friends about MUN, Evian can usually be found doing work for multiple school clubs, secretly crying about her growing to-do list for university applications, and catching up on the latest Chinese slang. She genuinely hopes that BurnettMUN 2019 brings an unforgettable experience to all Delegates.


Sargunpreet Singh Khurana | Under-Secretary-General of Delegate Affairs

Sargun is currently a senior at Steveston-London Secondary and is overjoyed to be serving as the Under-Secretary-General of Delegate Affairs for BurnettMUN 2019. Ever since he attended his first conference in Grade 10, he has been ensnared by the emphatic debate and the opportunity of meeting like-minded individuals from across the Lower Mainland. Sargun hopes that BurnettMUN will serve as an opportunity for beginner Delegates to experience MUN and develop a passion akin to his. Sargun can be found binge watching Netflix, procrastinating on school work, or drinking bubble tea.


Dorothy Zeng | Under-Secretary-General of Conference

Dorothy is currently a Grade 10 student at J.N. Burnett Secondary and is very excited to serve as your Under Secretariat General of Conference for Burnett Model UN 2019.. Her every first Model UN experience was when she was just a shy eighth-grader learning to debate for the first time, and since then she has attended multiple other conferences in her rather short MUN career. Learning about current world affairs and developing public speaking skills are the main reasons why Dorothy started Model UN in the first place. In her spare time, you can find her in her bed or on the couch at home watching random videos on YouTube; Dorothy loves to sleep but also loves to stay up late at night. Offer her food and she would be your friend for life. 


Emily Wang | Under-Secretary-General of Marketing

Currently a Grade 10 student attending J.N. Burnett Secondary, Emily is thrilled to be serving as the USG of Marketing at BurnettMUN 2019. Although her first conference was fueled with stress and nerves, it ultimately gave her the motivation to speak her opinions aloud and to further research about global issues. Emily is ecstatic to learn more about the workings behind thought-provoking MUN conferences as a member of the BurnettMUN Secretariat. When avoiding schoolwork, Emily enjoys endlessly rewatching Glee, badly singing along to musicals, and researching study tips that she will never use. She cannot wait to create a welcoming and exciting experience for both new and experienced Delegates at BurnettMUN 2019.


Cassidy Lee | Under-Secretary-General of Design and Media

Currently embarking on her senior year at Little Flower Academy, Cassidy is elated to serve as USG of Design and Media for this iteration of BurnettMUN. Ever since starting Model UN two years ago, she has developed a passion for global diplomacy, public policy, and international relations. Not only limited to Vancouver, Cassidy has also delegated at conferences in Honolulu and Madrid. Outside of Model UN, she can be found capturing photos during portrait shoots, discovering Hong Kong and Vancouver’s latest brunch restaurants, and watching the sunset. Cassidy eagerly awaits this year’s iteration of BurnettMUN and looks forward to meeting all Delegates for a day of pragmatic and progressive debate this coming fall.