Payment Instructions

The registration fee for the conference is $15. Please follow one of the following payment methods to submit your registration payment:

Method 1: Cheque (Due Tuesday, October 29)

  1. Write a $15 cheque, payable to J.N. Burnett Secondary School .
  2. On the memo line, write your full name and "BurnettMUN 2019 Registration".
  3. Mail the cheque to J.N. Burnett, or hand to the front office.

Method 2: Cash

  1. Place the $15 cash payment in an envelope or plastic bag.
  2. On the envelope or on a piece of paper in the plastic bag, write your full name and "BurnettMUN Registration".
  3. Hand the payment to Ms. Trouw, the business assistant at J.N. Burnett, or the front office.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Sargunpreet Singh Khurana at