Payment Instructions

Method 1: Cheque (Due Tuesday, May 22)

  1. Write a $15 cheque, payable to J.N. Burnett Secondary School.
  2. On the memo line, write your full name and "BurnettMUN Registration".
  3. Mail the cheque to J.N. Burnett, or hand it in to the front office, or a member of the Secretariat or Staff.

Method 2: Cash

Note: please first speak with your school's Business Assistant to see if they are willing to process these payments. 

  1. Place the $15 cash payment in an envelope or plastic bag.
  2. On the envelope or on a piece of paper in the plastic bag, write your full name and "BurnettMUN Registration".
  3. Hand the payment to your school's Business Assistant, and ask them to contact to process the payment.

Method 3: At-the-Door Cash Payment

  1. Email to confirm that you will be paying in cash on May 27.
  2. If for any reason you become unable to attend BurnettMUN, inform the Secretariat at your earliest convenience.
  3. Bring your $15 to Delegate Registration the day of the conference.