Disarmament and International Security Committee



With all 193 UN members, the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) is at the forefront of ensuring international peace on concerns that range from the small arms trade to nuclear proliferation and cover regions from the Arctic Circle to the digital world of cyber security. It deals with disarmament, global challenges and threats to peace that affect the international community, seeking solutions to the challenges that come with maintaining international security. As DISEC cannot enforce any legally binding decisions or direct interventions, it tackles international security concerns through their global influence, promotion of cooperative arrangements, creation of countless peace treaties, and insightful recommendations that broaden the scope of the UN.

DISEC is a beginner committee, suitable for delegates of all skill levels. Position papers are highly encouraged, especially for anyone wishing to be considered for an award.

Any questions, concerns or position papers can be emailed to disec@burnettmun.org. Position papers are due on Saturday, November 2 at 11:59 p.m. unless an extension is granted by the committee staff.

Topic: Combating Illicit Weapons Trafficking

Committee Dais


Lily Li | Director

Currently a junior attending Steveston-London Secondary, Lily is ecstatic to serve as DISEC's Director for BurnettMUN 2019. Model UN has changed her from being a shy introvert to an introverted public speaker with much more confidence. Since her first conference, Lily has found joy in intense debate with other delegates while exploring various pressing issues around the globe. She is incredibly fascinated by the wide array of perspectives MUN has enabled her to experience, and she hopes to offer the same to new delegates. Outside of MUN, Lily can be found taking portraits of her friends, being mildly frustrated at Lightroom, playing saxophone with the school jazz band, or teaching English to kids. She is extremely thankful to have two excellent chairs and is certain that it will be a successful conference. She looks forward to meeting everyone and is excited to witness fruitful debate.


Leo Li | Chair

Leo is a junior currently attending Steveston-London Secondary School. First introduced to the world of MUN in freshman year, he has been enraptured by the generative debate, inspiring speeches, and practical resolutions that appear within MUN committees ever since his first conference. Leo remembers how the effortless and professional speeches of experienced Delegates motivated him to improve his own performance, and hopes that all Delegates bear the same mindset! As he is fascinated by the inner proceedings that fuel a conference, he is very excited to serve Delegates as a Staff member: Chair of DISEC. Leo hopes to foster collective and vigorous debate while encouraging all delegates to express their opinions. Besides his academic work which he treats more importantly than his sleep, Leo enjoys his sparse idle time drawing, playing badminton, and admiring works of architecture and design. MUN is just the same as constructing a building — solid preparation is required for successful performance!


Andy Liao | Chair

Andy is currently a junior at J.N. Burnett Secondary and is excited to serve as Chair of DISEC. He started to participate in MUN conferences during his freshman year after discovering the MUN club at his school. Although he had initially feared the idea of speaking in a room full of people, encouragement from his friends and fellow MUN delegates convinced him to embark on a journey of self-growth and development. Throughout his years in MUN, Andy was able to immerse himself in various aspects of MUN, including the unimpressive pickup-lines from other Delegates. On a more serious note, MUN has transformed the shy, introverted Andy into a speaker who now speaks with confidence and assertiveness. Although speaking is a tremendous part of MUN, he was also able to learn the importance of working with others as well as being able to think both creatively and critically. Andy’s experience as a delegate in MUN has given him more than what he could ever ask for, and now he wants to recreate the same experience for his fellow Delegates.