Burnett Model United Nations 2019

Fall 2019 at J.N. Burnett Secondary School

Dear Delegates, Parents, and Sponsor Teachers,

My name is Joseph Chien and I have the utmost honour of serving as the Secretary-General of the inaugural iteration of Burnett Model United Nations.

BurnettMUN started as an inkling of an idea that tugged at our minds, pushing us to bring the Model UN community to be more accessible for all students. However, this was a task far greater than anything we could manage. Or so we thought.

But we persisted. We believed. And here we are.

Our conference derives its uniqueness from the fact that we are currently the only MUN conference in operation in the City of Richmond. This, in conjunction with the conference’s low registration cost and single-day duration, is exactly how BurnettMUN fulfills its mission to introduce new faces into the Model UN community. Too often do we notice potential new delegates become discouraged by the cost of hotel conferences in Vancouver or the distance of day conferences in Langley. Too often do we notice them unknowingly give up the opportunity to explore the potential they never knew they had.

Delegates, for many of you, this is your first time attending any Model United Nations conference. Indeed, this can seem frightening. Is this really for me? Will I mess up? Will I make a fool of myself?

While standing up to argue a point in front of an audience can get quite unnerving, we must all come to realize that even the most eloquent of public speakers and debaters started out as inexperienced youths just as nervous as you are. Every single person, no matter how terrified of public speaking they may be, has the potential to grow to become a leader of the next generation fully capable of pushing for the changes that matter. And this includes you.

So step out of your comfort zone, raise that placard, and look fear right in the face - after all, the very first step in achieving anything you want is to just believe.


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Joseph Chien
Burnett Model United Nations 2018